Aging is a physiological process that affects all the systems in our body, including the locomotor system. This is why all healthy people, especially the elderly, should be sure to enjoy sufficient sporting activity and physical activity in general, as it is highly effective in maintaining good health. Our senior citizens are a growing segment of the population. They spend much of their day outside, walking or taking care of their grandchildren while their parents are at work. They have a lot of time but very few opportunities for outdoor leisure, especially free activities.

Senior Park is an entertainment concept that helps older people to lead a healthy life by doing outdoor exercise whilst they chat or take care of children. It is a social project that aims at improving their quality of life, which, due to its modular design, makes it an affordable investment both for public administrations and private centres.

We offer some very efficient pieces of apparatus, which are low-impact to prevent injury. They are designed to maintain and improve the range of motion in most of the joints in the body, along with leg strength, balance and gait. Coupled with their outdoor location, they not only provide entertainment but also allow people to improve their physical, mental and social well-being.

All equipment has been developed in its entirety by a rehabilitation physician and a physiotherapist, and are certified by TÜV SÜD according to German standards on training apparatus in unsupervised public environments DIN79000: 2012, which is the only currently existing European legislation specifically for this type of product.