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Our ‘Ball Force’ products provide MUGA type play facilities, perimeter heights are mainly 3m at the sides with goal end heights up to 4m. The posts are 80mm x 40mm x 3000mm RHS at 2520mm centres with clamp securing system and panels are rebound type to 12500mm high. Standard colour is green RAL 6055 but other colours can be provided. The variations to the product are open/chicane type entrances or enclosed lockable gate, vehicular gates for maintenance.

Ball Force is strong yet flexible and it is possible to “Bespoke” the components to suit most applications, changes in level can also be accommodated. The systems offer enclosed, gated provision or chicane type entrances and our schemes may include new tarmac or astro turf surfaces or refurbishment of the existing
surface. Linemarkings for numerous sports are also available such as Netball, Tennis,
Football and Basketball.