POD Fit High Bundle

Product Description

POD Fit High Bundle comprising:

1 No. SDGPOD3 POD FIT 3 Calisthenics Zone consisting of Steel items that are connected including Parallel Bars, Double Abs Bench, Suspension Training Zone, Horizontal Ladder, Leg Lift Zone, Inclined Leap Bar, Battle Ropes Connection Points with user information sign with 2 No. galvanised steel posts

2 No. AF01 Warm Up Benches, steel, 1800mm long at different heights

1 No. R7210 Elliptical Cross Trainer

1 No. R7246 Bike Trainer

1 No. R7160 Double Hand Bike with Seats, 2 persons unit

Supply and lay 78m² of Safamat Surfacing to include mesh underlay and all necessary pegs and ties.

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