Safamat Surfacing

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Product Description

Safamat is a honeycomb matting which is easy to install, competitively priced and leaves a natural look allowing existing
grass to grow through. It is ideal for installation below play or fitness equipment and can be used for high wearing walkways across grassed areas to protect against erosion.

• Absorbs shock and noise
• Critical fall heights tested by RAPRA of up to 3m
• Protects surface areas around equipment against wear and tear.
• No special skills or tools needed allowing quick & easy installation
• No costly base works require
• Ideal for green field sites, disappears from view once grass has re-grown
• Can be used on flat or contoured landscapes
• Large openings of 2.5cm diameter allow liquid and debris to drain, keeping surface dry and clean.
• Tested to EN1177: 1998 Critical Fall Height
• A 1.5m x 1m sheet allows easy handling of materials on site

Note: Please check the suitability of this product prior to installation, as the critical fall height figure will be affected by soil type, moisture and grass.

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